Our Services

Real Estate Valuation
Valuation reports with world-wide accepted and analytical methods according to demand and need is prepared for private corporations. Reports can be presented with Legal Room approval if desired.

Project Marketing
Projects are marketed with present economical conditions and away from classical perceptions. Our understanding is based on the approach of establishing a selling office near the project area and not only waiting for the customer but also having the principle of arising a real estate demand and providing financial support at the same time.

Deman-Wallet Management
Demand mass is created by taking the real estate to the needers and one-by-one matching, and also alternatives answering the requirements are presented for individuals and institutions which demand real estate by forming an organisation.

We collect files for owners of real estate and needers in a system called Real Estate Management System (GYS) and we follow owner-customer relationships and financial responsibilities in this scope.

Sale-Rent Mediation Services
By bringing demand together with needer in sale and renting operations, decreasing the burden on the demander to minimum providing maximum benefit to sides, we mediate people and corporations with classical methods, alternative tools and activities involving a chain of members of Association.


Real Estate Development Counseling
This contains analysis at all steps from finding and developing land to process of consruction of project constructed on this land and its sale.

Investment Counseling
It relies on the principle of considering real estate as a tool in terms of investment variation (risk expansion). Investment suggestions and analyses are made considering the relationships between invested wealth, expected increase in income-expense and risk.

Market Research
These are studies and analysis prepared according to sector, individual and kind of real estate.
- The most effective efficient analysis
- Feasibility studies
- Supply amount and price reasearch
- Feasibility reports

Financial Counseling
Mediation for finance of instutional, individual and mass housing and alternative debting; capital evaluation analysis; real estate tax planning; determining and declaration of responsibilities are provided and solutions for need is presented.

Support Services (after sale)
Our system optimally analyzes and plans the required architectural and engineering studies and services for making the real estate, which is subject to sale and rent, prepared according to goals and expectations, and supports in terms of planning as a project and application.

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